Wife's Cup

A small, silver cup


This cup belongs to a strange and crazed man’s wife who recently disappeared. Our party took this with them in order to possibly make tracking her down easier. It’s meager in size, maybe a family heirloom. The material is silver or possibly a polished pewter. When our party took it, the inside of the cup was likely still wet from whatever the wife was drinking that morning. It probably looks handcrafted, hammered by some smithy or somebody who delved into the arts of metalworking. Nothing really distinguishes it from any other cup besides some of the wife’s “essence” still lingering on it.


Early one morning, a man’s wife was doing chores around their house. She had put a pot onto boil in the fireplace and had probably stopped to take a drink of something from this very cup. Now she is gone, and our characters are now in search of her. If all hope is lost, and our characters can no longer find clues, this cup will be their last resort in finding her.

Wife's Cup

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