Magic in Loethe

Spellcasters are generally distrusted in Loethe. This is not to say that is unheard of for someone to be able to work magic, but it is likely that they will, at the very least have a few pairs of eyes watching them at all times. The only Society where acceptance of magic is absolute is in the traveling caravans of the elves.

Arcane Magic: About 70 years ago, The soldiers of Loethe began

Divine Magic: People like those that help them. This is a truth that is absolute throughout history. Great enemies may become the closest of allies through shared aid and time. Despite the general distrust of magic in Loethe, the average citizen often trusts and welcomes those who work for the gods, provided the citizens hold those gods reverent. In nearly any city or village, almost any god servant of a good-aligned god will be welcomed. The clergy of neutral gods are often welcomed, though not as warmly or as consistently. Few homes are open to those who serve the god of evil, but it is not an impossibility.

Agents of any particular god are often outwardly friendly with agents of another unless there is a a particular reason for open hostility and distrust, such as their gods being enemies, rivals, or otherwise disagreed.

Many towns, villages, and cities hold reverence to a particular god, and that god’s agents are not only welcomed but also celebrated. Servants of that god’s enemies or rivals do best to keep their distance from such a town.

Because of protection that a church can offer, many wizards and sorcerers take up at learn at least a few divine spells (or pretend to) and those with skill in both divine and arcane schools of magic are not uncommon, particularly among the worshipers of Nethys. Most free Arcane spellcasters, however simply pretend to be of a church as the common folk can rarely tell the difference.

Magic in Loethe

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