Forest Orc: Often forgotten or ignored in the history of Indreth. They live in the great forests on the eastern edge of the continent and, though generally welcome to friendly outsiders, have little patience for the rampant and thankless destruction of their forests by the nearby settlers. Nearly every orc has some deal of combat knowledge and has trained from a young age. Any orc with extraordinary abilities such as magical talents is given an older orc as a mentor to help guide them in their growth. The numbers of orcs in the forest is unknown, but they are known to only exist in rather small tribes and, therefore, are assumed to be relatively few in number though no one really knows.

Jypsin Elves: Both revered for their ability to acquire just about any item imaginable and distrusted for their habits of price gouging and thievery, the Jypsin are the remnants of a few once powerful elven Families. Despite their once great name, they now live on the fringes of society, traveling to and fro. They are tolerated by the local authorities of the towns they visit mostly because of their tendency to band together and utilize their often superior agility and skill with a blade. The Jypsin Elves are the only known open practitioners in Loethe of the arcane arts and are often more than willing to show off, though training requires an exchange of work. The various Jypsin caravans meet three times every year for a festival and to exchange goods and stories.

Shaliyan Elves: These Elves hail from the mysterious magical city of Shaliyah. They are generally quiet, and almost always accompanied by some sort of governmental agent. They are easily the tallest and usually fairest race in Loethe, with both sexes standing above six feet easily. Almost all Shaliyan elves are versed in some sort of arcane magic, though are rarely willing to show it. The few Shaliyans who wander the Kingdom without an escort are usually quite secretive about their nature and origins. Most Shaliyan elves are very familiar with a god, usually the god of magic, Nethys, in order to pass as clerics.

Loethan Human: The workers, the artisans, the gears that move the kingdom of Loethe and Loethe and more, the humans are a simple, yet complex folk. Though quite varied in their talents, they mostly live honest lives, knowing of little beyond the trade of their family. The Humans of Loethe can be leaders and entrepreneurs, though this is exceedingly rare in the Central province and, of those that do, almost none make it very far. Loethen humans do, however often hold a large majority in the temples of Loethe and, as a result, weave most of the divine magics in the kingdom. The humans who do become very powerful clerics and paladins are often regarded very highly by all and their wisdom is almost always welcomed.

Half-elves: The bastards of Loethe are unwanted, and often starve with their parents. The union of Human and elf is rarely met with welcome by the community of either parent, and those who dare to consummate with the other race are usually exiled from both Human and Elven Society. Loethan half-elves have few salvations or reprieves from the prejudice towards them. The only graces they may receive are an arcane talent, and particularly human appearance, or they simply are able to find a welcoming temple. If they show a natural inclination towards the arcane at a young age, they will often be raised among the Jypsin, if they show a human appearance, then they will often be able to pass as human and live among them, and if they are able find a welcoming church, then they will learn the ways of their saving god. Few Half-Elves willingly disclose their identity, even as adults, for fear of a sharp backlash against them.

Gnomes: Gnomes are not what you want to see on a good day. Ruthless, cruel, and dangerous, they typically are treated with fear and disdain. Raised in a hidden base in Northwest Loethe, gnomes are taught to be the hidden knives of Loethe. If you have a problem, and it needs to be disposed of, teams of gnomes will rarely fail. That being said, every so often, a gnome escapes the compound from which she originated and wanders the country. These fugitive gnomes typically avoid civilization, tending to live alone in fear that someone might recognize their heritage and report them, forcing the gnome to flee or be killed, or worse, returned to the northern fort.

Half-orc: The rarest of the races in Loethe, half-orcs typically are born when a human trader has consistent contact with an orc tribe, though more than a few half-orcs have been conceived under the influence of Mino, the powerful orcish drink. Typically raised with human company rather than the orcish tribe, half-orcs often try to join some organization to find a sense of identity and belonging in a world where they are otherwise outcasts or foreign.


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